Minutes of Colchester Harrier Committee Meeting Pegasus Club Garrison Track 11th July 2017

Chris Jeggo (Membership Secretary & Chair)
Caroline Sutton ( Treasurer)
Rachel Abbott,
Chris Akehurst,
Dave Lacy
Paul Strutt

Co-opted Members
Jo Speller (EYAL Team Manager)
Sally Dobson

Lance Williams (President)
Dave Smith ( Club Secretary)
Louise Stevens ( SAL Team Manager)
John Stevens ( SAL Team Manager)
Becky Cooke
Daniel King
Dominic King
Chris Manby
Rachel Rodgers
Paul Rodgers
Jacqui Young ( SAL Team Manager)

1 Apologies
The apologies were accepted, the chair thanked those who were able to attend the meeting.

2 Minutes of Meeting
– Club photographer is Joe Wilkin, A parent of a junior member has also offered to help.
– Otherwise the minutes were approved as accurate

2. Matters arising from the last minutes
– Race for Life.
o The number of volunteers has been hampered with the Ekiden event taking place on the same day. That said, the majority of those who have volunteered are ex members of the club. This raises the question whether the club can continue to support the event in the future, and therefore also benefit from the income from the event.
– Facebook policy
o This has been published
– Pole Vaults
o These have been purchased
– Outstanding Actions
o The club’s membership system is to be reviewed so that those responsible for under eighteen have affirmed that the club can use images of those in their care, the club is to also consider the garrison track policy CJ

3 Club Kit
– The relevant extract from the previous minutes was discussed
o Samples of vests & hoodies had been sourced by Craig Mitchell in colour linked to the current version
o The committee expressed a preference to support a local supplier
o The committee asked for details on the range of products available and how the kit would be purchased.
– The committee confirmed that it is more than happy to work with a new supplier subject to the last point being satisfactory to both parties, and at a time where the new kit can be phased into distribution when the loss on the current stock of kit can be minimized.
– It was confirmed there is no sponsorship agreement between the club and any individuals,
– These points are to be confirmed in writing to the interested parties CJ

4. Events
– An end of the track & field fun day was proposed
o This could be a vehicle for attracting volunteers, England Athletics literature on hosting a volunteer / officials day was presented
– There were two suggestions to promote cooperation between local clubs.
o End of season EYAL meeting on plate day, involving local clubs who finish outside of the top 12
o Run Throw Jump event for U13 athletes from around the region- CJ

5. SAL meeting
– The event was well supported by officials and volunteers.
– The number of members who were able to attend the home meeting was disappointing
– Following the weekends event at Chelmsford the club is in danger of being relegated. The club needs to maintain its division one status to support its elite athletes
– Concern was expressed about the condition of the high jump bed. The club will approach the Garrison CJ

6. EYAL meeting
– The committee acknowledged the work by Chris Akehurst & Rick Thompson in co-ordinating the officiating of the event.
– Help is needed with the recording of the results. Members of the CATs had offered support and are to be approached. CJ

7. Competing Coaches
– A proposal was made to support those coaches compete for the club in the SAL. It was agreed to pay the England Athletics fee for those coaches that would not otherwise compete

8. Track Investment
– An email was presented which suggested that there was funding available for equipment for the Harriers, CATS and Hockey Club. This needs to be confirmed and progressed.

9. Recent Success
– English Schools
o The committee noteded the medal success of club members Charlie Dobson, Finn O’Reilly and Graig Anja Joseph. Also the selected to represent their counties teams by Philippa Davenall, Caitlin O’Reilly and Rebecca Jeggo.
– Race Walking
o Dominic King’ s selection to the World Championships and recent Muller Games appearance
– Road Running
o Essex 10km – Adrian Mussett individual silver and vets gold helping team to gold
o Colin Ridley – Number one over 55 in country over 10km after running London National 10km, as well as recently winning British masters over 55 titles for 1500m and 5000m on the track at Birmingham

10. AOB
– Colchester Sports Awards
o The committee expressed interest in supporting the awards. Further information is to be sought.
– Sarah Collins & Jo Upton, who are currently the boys EYAL team managers have requested to join the committee. This request was accepted CJ

11. Meeting was closed at 20:45

12 Next Meeting
This is planned for Tuesday 29th August.