Essex Road Relay Championships – Harwich

High drama at relays as Harriers take 21 medals

Colchester Harriers travelled with a huge squad of 17 teams to the Essex Road Relays held along a breezy Harwich seafront, with the mens race 4 x 5km and the ladies and veterans running 3 x 5km.

With the green vests having so many runners the unexpected can happen and the Harriers senior mens team, who were favourites for the race, drew the short straw. Carwyn Jones had a fine 1st leg clocking 16:53, and as he came into the finish second leg runner Ged McMillan tripped over some tape and cut his head open on a concrete wall. With only seconds to go before Jones passed the line team manager David Wright took McMillans number to head out. All chance of victory had now gone, as Wright was at least 2 minutes slower then McMillan, but nethertheless the A team rallied and Chris Sellens 16:38 and Adrian Mussett 15:45 (2nd fastest run of the day) brought Harriers back to 4th place and only just outside the medal places behind 3rd placed Havering AC. The rest of the team were spurred on and Harriers claimed 6 sets of team medals and 4 overall victories plus 3 fastest leg gold awards. The over 50 men, over 40 men, senior ladies, and veteran ladies over 45, were all champions, and the Colchester Ladies were completely dominant finishing 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th in the senior event. Special mentions to the three fastest leg runners Sarah Stradling (senior Ladies), Colin Ridley (vet 50 men), and Denise Morley (vet 45 ladies).

Full Harrier Results – Senior Men

4th team: Carwyn Jones 16:53, David Wright 19:38, Chris Sellens 16:38, Adrain Mussett 15:45.
7th team: John Fryer 17:51, Alex Sales 18:18, Craig Mitchell 18:40, Ian Haw 19:19.
12th team: Dan Martin 19:26, Simon Morgan 20:49, Tom Vasperu 21:00, David Harbrow 19:47.

Senior Ladies

1st team: Laura Shewbridge 18:55, Stacey Eyres 20:00, Sarah Stradling 18:11.
3rd team: Andrea James 20:26, Ella Neale 20:38, Rebecca Cooke 20:05.
4th team: Heidi Steele 22:05, Sarah Sellens 20:01, Joanne Martin 21:21
6th team: Beth Francis 21:41, Becky Bjotter 27:05, Rachel Taylor 21:56.

Men V40

1st team: Jon Nears 17:00, Mark Harrod 17:18, Richard Heath 17:05.
5th team: Paul Preston 18:10, Paul Rodgers 17:50, Keith Marley 19:17.
7th team: Richard Millward 19:26, Ady Frost 19:48, Rob Gibby 19:13.

Ladies V35

3rd team: Ellie Mayne 21:04, Annette Oakman 21:01, Helen Bloomfiield 20:44. Also Rachel Rodgers

Men V50

1st team: Peter West 18:13, Martyn Clarke 18:44, Colin Ridley 17:52
5th team: Simon Smith 18:55, Richard Boden 19:06, David Wright 20:04.
7th team Kevin McAlinden 19:19, Gary Raynor 23:32, Andy Raynor 20:05. Also Arthur Whiston.

Ladies V45

1st team: Mellissa Dowell 20:33, Anita Mussett 23:32, Denise Morley 20:23
4th team: Sandra Fox 22:37, Sharon Frost 24:32, Steph Horner 23:48.

The ladies team retained their Essex road relay crown with an emphatic win at harwich seafront. Photo Sarah Stradling, Stacey Eyres and Laura shewbridge

The V50 mens team succesfully defending their title. Left to right Colin Ridley, Pete West and Martyn Clarke

Sarah Stradling won double gold (fastest leg and team)

Colin Ridley was a double gold winner for over 50 team and individual fastest leg.

Rebecca Cooke shows her medal after being part of the bronze medal winning team

Annette Oakman was part of Ladies over 35 team that won the bronze medals

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  1. Martyn Clarke

    On a grey day in March at the relays
    Ged’s plastic tape fear made a red face
    It was done in a flash
    There was blood and a gash
    But Dave rolled back the years to gain 4th place

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