Apple Jacks 2017

Here are the results for the Apple Jack trail races

Short race

Long race

Thanks to all who supported the event. A donation of £700 was made to Essex Air Ambulance and £288 to the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust

3 Responses to “Apple Jacks 2017”

  1. Samantha Cooper

    I ran with Paul Carlisle and his friend. We were numbers 218, 213 & 214 and returned in 1 hour 37 for the 10 mile long route. We did sign back in, so please could you record our times. Thank you. Samantha

  2. Liz Cudmore

    An excellent trail race and a wonderful amount of money raised. Well done to everyone involved.

  3. Anita Leaver

    I ran the short trail setting off at approximately 9.40-9.45 am. I was number 51. I ran on my own and, unfortunately, my watch battery died so I cannot tell you my time exactly. I think it was around 1 hour 15. I did sign back in.

    I would be really grateful if you could check and record my time. Thanks!

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