The paying of Training Fees combined with Club Memberships need to balance against club expenses. So contributing to the Training Fees helps when we are looking at finances for the coming seasons and deciding on Club Membership Fees at those times.

One of the largest costs for the club is hiring the Garrison facilities, however, there are many more items that Training Fees and Club Membership Fees are required to cover the cost for.

Training Fees can be paid here

Training Fees, along with memberships fund many things at the club, some of which are listed below.

  • Club Affiliations to several bodies (EA, Essex AA, South England AA)
  • Club entries into leagues (EYAL, SAL, NESS XC, Essex XC, EMAC)
  • Entry fees for each athlete taking part in the leagues mentioned above
  • Coach Qualifications, which are around £400 each, to gain Coach status
  • Official Qualifications, for Officials whom we are required to provide at meets
  • Club expenses, for example for officials/coaches travelling to events, and committee expenses

We currently have Endurance Coaches taking initial and further courses, Track & Field Coaching Assistants commencing and completing courses and also Track & Field Officials. We need the Officials to be able to host meets at the Garrison Track, as well as providing a team of officials at League Meets. Appropriately qualified Coaches are urgently needed to provide opportunities for more athletes that maybe are currently missing out, especially whilst the numbers are still restricted, and to provide better coaching with the opportunity of a smaller coach to athlete ratio.

Here are some suggestions regarding how to pay your Training Fees

If you require any help with Training Fees please email [email protected]