Since things changed back in March 2020 when the pandemic hit, we had to stop accepting cash for the £2 per club session Training Fees that used to be collected on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Instead we now accept these payments by Bank Transfer. Almost all active members are now paying for Training Fees monthly, rather than weekly, however, if you require any help or advice then the below will help you to decide how much to pay, and explain how to make your payments.

How much should I pay?
This is determined by how many sessions you take part in each month, some members only train once a week, some twice, and some Track & Field and Endurance athletes have the opportunity for three sessions. All coached sessions regardless of age, category, or location, have been set as £2 since late 2019, and this continues to be the current cost. So for example, 6 sessions in a month would be £12, 10 sessions in a month would be £20.

Do I have to raise an order each month in the system?
No, you do not. If you send a Bank Transfer with the name of the member(s) that the Training Fees relate to, then when we process payment we will create an order in the system for you, to save you having to log in each month to do this. You will also receive an emailed receipt when your order is created. If you do wish to raise the order yourself, you still can.
If your payment is for multiple members, then we will split the payment in half/thirds depending on how many members it relates to. If you wish to set differing amounts per family member for any payment, then the easiest solution is to send separate transfers on that occasion, with the name against each bank transfer.

What if I forget to pay one month
The best way to remember is to set up a Standing Order (SO) with your bank, to pay a set amount each month. The date of the month doesn’t really matter, but a few days before the end of each month is ideal for us for processing. Alternatively, if you choose to send payments manually and do miss a month, then please pay the missed amount as soon as you can, and continue thereafter each month as normal.

I want to pay by Standing Order but the amount varies each month
The monthly amount will rarely be the same, however, you can still pay by Standing Order and work around this.
If you are aware of how often you usually come to a coached session in a month and reduce this slightly by maybe £2-£3 to allow for any illness, holiday, exams, etc, then over the course of time you will find this will even itself out. If you find that you are always underpaying, you can just send a one-off top-up payment rather than change the Standing Order amount, if this suits you better.
The bank details are the same as used for your membership/affiliation/kit orders, so you will already have those set up from when you joined or renewed if you use a banking app, or bank online. If you can not find the bank details simply email via the address below.

I do not compete, do I still have to pay Training Fees
Yes, everyone that trains pay Training Fees, this is the fairest way to maintain a lower Membership cost to all members, so that those that train more often with club coaches pay to train, and those that do not wish to train with club coaches just pay for membership. View this page to see some things that Training Fees fund at the club.

What if Training Fees are not paid
If the club does not receive sufficient Training Fees from its members in order to balance against the outgoings, then some services or included race entries (such as cross countries and leagues) will have to be considered as to whether these are still viable to be paid by the club. Also, this would cause a definite impact on the annual cost of membership.

I have more questions relating to Training Fees
Please email [email protected], and we will reply as soon as we can.

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