Recreation Ground Trail Race 1

Results from the first trail race held on April 26th.

The next race will be at the same venue on May 17th

Long 7 Miles
Gary Abbott 55:30 Mid Essex
Lyn Higgs 55:30 Mid Essex
John Carter 56:50 Mid Essex
Graeme Langford 58:50 Col H
Richard Milllward 58:50 Col H
Richard Boden 59:10 Col H
Elspeth Bisson 1:00:00 Col H
Sarah Stradling 1:00:00 Col H
Mark Harrod 1:00:00 Col H
Andy Jobling 1:00:00 Col H
Simon Morgan 1:00:00 Col H
Rachel Taylor 1:01:50 Col H
Chris Taylor 1:01:50 Unn
Fran Norris 1:03:20 Col H
Jason Bilton 1:03:20 Col H
David Lundy 1:04:00 T.R.A
Simon Cappelli 1:04:20 Mersea island H
Darren Horner 1:10:15 Col H
Caroline Senrle 1:17:00 Gt Bentley
Kevin Frost 1:19:44 Mid Essex
Tara Frost 1:19:44 Mid Essex
Rachel Abbott 1:25:10 Col H
Natalie Launder 1:25:10 Unn
Ian Launder 1:25:10 Unn
Arthur Whiston 1:25:10 Col H


Short 4.3miles
Debbie Cattermole 36:15 Col H
Richard Flutter 36:15 Col H
Lucinda Gurney 45:40 Craigs Boot Camp
Anna Hibbern 45:40 Craigs Boot Camp
Jasmine Dunne 45:40 Craigs Boot Camp
Simon Smith 46:20 Col H
Christine D’anrea 48:40 Craigs Boot Camp
Louise Yates 48:40 Craigs Boot Camp
Lee Hollihan 48:40 Craigs Boot Camp
Rachel Rodgers (Bike) 48:40 Col H/ Craigs Boot Camp
Craig Mitchell 48:40 Col H/Craigs Boot Camp
Gemma Nelson 48:40 Col H
Katie Moorcroft 48:40 Unna
Katie Gibson 48:40 Unn
Becky Bjotter 48:50 Col H
Lyn West 49:34 Mersea Island H H
Cristine Reiz 49:34 Mersea Island H H
Wendy Smalley 51:30 Mid Essex
Anita Leaver 51:30 Tiptree RR
Ian Foskew 55:48 Mid Essex
Roger Duffield 55:48 Mid Essex
Liz Cudmore 59:50 Col H
Angela Millward 62:01 Col H
Kate Sandercock 61:05 Col H
Elizabeth Shervington 61:05 Col H
Sue Thomas 77:00 Gt Bentley
Hattie Price 77:00 Gt Bentley
Jim Rusmer 78:30 Col H


Wrong Course
Chris Manby Col H
Becky Cooke Col H