Online Payments for Training Sessions/Coaching

Copy also sent by email to members and posted on Facebook, 11am 6th July

We hope that you are continuing to stay safe and well during this time.

As we attempt to move forward as a club, the coaches that are available are aiming to either coach in person whilst following current guidelines, or where applicable set sessions virtually that may be followed either on your own or in socially distanced groups.

We have therefore set up a new ‘service’ within the WebCollect membership system, Training Fees and Donations, and would request that you consider at the end of each month contributing an honesty payment via this option, towards any sessions/coaching that you may have followed, or been able to attend. This can be paid preferably by Bank Transfer, which most of you already have set up, by posting a cheque, or by arrangement paying directly into Natwest over the counter.

We do not wish our coaches to handle cash, nor when we are able to operate fully from the Garrison Track again, do we wish to continue to require individuals to be present every session in all weather to receive cash from members. So we envisage that this could be the start of a cashless process, depending on the response received from our members over the next couple of months.

We have placed this option at the top of the subscriptions page which also holds all the club membership options, which you can access directly at 

The option has a multiple of £5, so you can use your own discretion at the end of each month as to the amount that you wish to pay, we will post on the Facebook groups, and email, at the end of each month whilst this is new just as a brief reminder.

We are putting this out to you as members, to continue to assist in the club operating, and in being able to cover future costs such as paying for coaching courses for new coaches, transport to meets, entries to races, and many other costs that would usually be covered by Training Fees that had until now been taken on the gate.

We thank you again for your continued support of the club, and hope that this may be another simple way to move forwards, without the need for any major change in the membership costings in the near future, as we adjust to the new climate that we are finding ourselves in.

Kind regards,

Paul Preston
Membership Secretary