Club Membership Reminder

Please find below a copy of the email that has been sent (at 8:14am) to any members that have not currently renewed. Any questions or if you have not received the email (if hotmail then it is likely in the spam folder!), then email me on [email protected]

We appreciate it was only at the weekend that we emailed out regarding membership renewal options, but we just wanted to send a quick reminder, especially for any athletes that have not yet renewed, as the renewals are not as straight forward as on previous occasions, and it is the end of the month in just five days.

Please see the relevant section below for information that may relate to you personally.

Colchester Harriers Membership Login Area

EA Affiliations
EA Affiliations paid for before 5pm Tuesday 30th June, will be sent off to EA on Wednesday 1st July. Any affiliations that we have not received in time, will not be sent until the next batch around two weeks later. This will mean that those athletes who have not paid by 5pm Tuesday 30th June would not be eligible for any virtual or actual competitions until such time as EA process their affiliation, likely around 22nd July. (*See below for choosing EA Affiliation option).

Please ensure to select the relative Competing or Non-Competing option, depending on whether you require EA Affiliation for this season. Coach memberships with last until 31st March 2021.

Social Members
Should be able to renew until 31st March 2021 within their membership login

Life Members
Those that need to renew their EA Affiliation until 31st March 2021 can do so within their membership login

Athletes that are expecting to train (be coached) at the track before 30th September, need to check with their coach that this is viable for them to do so, before completing their membership, as limitations are currently in effect. Athletes will not be able to train at the track during this renewal period without their coach present. Applications that indicate that the athlete does not intend to train on-site (at the track) during this period, will be able to be approved faster, as this will save us needing to correspond with each individual in turn.

Harriers Club Membership
Standard club renewals currently available for athletes cover them to 30th September 2020.
* Athletes can choose to renew their club membership to either include EA Affiliation, or without EA Affiliation. Choosing not to include affiliation will mean that the athlete can not compete in any virtual or actual competitions.
If athletes do not renew their club membership at all, then they can apply to rejoin in the future, but coach availability will obviously be prioritised to those that choose to continue their membership status now.

Any current individuals that do not renew will be removed from the system shortly after 1st July 2020 in order to protect their personal data under GDPR. Please contact us via email if you wish us to retain your details for a short period.

We do not know what the future will hold, we can only act on the current situation, so we apologise that there is not an ideal solution for all. Hopefully, as things continue to improve, then we can all move forward accordingly.

Kind regards,

Paul Preston
Membership Secretary