Minutes of Colchester Harrier AC online Zoom Committee Meeting 24 February 2021

Items Action
Matters arising from Minutes: KIT: SD and DS reported on meeting held via zoom with  representative of Samurai. Club owed £1285 from sales. £4k of stock is available in  warehouse. Cost of producing bespoke kit and numbers available at the  club does not make this a sustainable option. 

Essex County AA T & F Sub Committee mtg: SD attended zoom mtg. Feedback was given from members  of club to help EAA formulate structure of Champs this year.  Potentially 8 /9 May (there may be a contingency if  restrictions do not allow for this) but a restricted schedule.  Relay Champs TBC PM informed he is a member of the Executive Committee of  EAA.
SD to request balance owed Publicity campaign to sell off kit New supplier to be identified (RP  to follow up a lead he has). DS to collect kit from LW

Covid: MS: with announcement by Government on 22 February of  a return to outdoor sport from 29 March. The committee  would be working towards updating the RA and Action Plan  to ensure CHAC is compliant with UKA Guidelines. Covid still very much in the community MS: Update RA for T & F RP: Update RA for outside track  training SD/ DS liaise with Sodexo/ Army
Sodexo: DS: informed he had once again contacted Sodexo  requesting storage for the club. It is just CHAC and football  who do not have own storage.  SD and DS had requested an earlier return to training for  those members who were on a BA Pathway Programme. To  date no reply had been received.DS/ SD: ongoing

Coach licences and DBS: Sub committees in process of ensuring all Club coaches are  fully licensed for their event ahead of CHAC reapplying for  Annual License to hire the track and facilities.SD and RP to confirm (EA Portal is  not always up to date)
Club Policies: SD: Policies had been sent prior to mtg for members to  comment on. Agreed that CHAC would adopt UKA Policies  (with recognised officers for those needed to be named  contacts) and add link to UKA Governance site from About  Us section of Club site. RT: thanks were given to RT for producing an up-to-date  Privacy Policy for CHAC. AS has posted onto website MS: thanks were given to MS for producing an up-to-date  Welfare Policy.  The adopted Club Constitution from 2020 has been posted  under About US/ Policies and Documents.SD to send AS link from UKA  website AS to upload Privacy and Welfare
Membership Secretary: Discussion about options. Agreement resulted in membership for the next 6 months (to 30th September 2021  as follows. Senior £10 (instead of £20) Junior/Post16 £5 (instead of £11.25) Social Membership £12 (with possible review for next AGM) Coach/Officials: No charge. EA Affiliation remains £15 for the entire season 01/04/21- 31/03/22: to compete this affiliation must be paid. Training Fees:  DS outlined costs of running the club exceed income taken  from membership alone. However as restrictions will still  apply for some months it was agreed: A voluntary donation from all members who undertake a  planned session by a coach to continue via DD / Bank  transfer. PP to inform membership through  usual channels. Sub Committees to inform  Coaches for squad members. 
Treasurer: KM: income of £115 as voluntary contribution for training. CHAC purchased a laptop for use by Membership Secretary.
Club Secretary: SD attended an online mtg relating to traffic issues around  Abbey Fields. This is a long ongoing issue involving many  parties. Members are reminded not to park illegally in the  housing estate or on grass verge opposite track, penalties  will be applied. Butt Road or Napier Rd car parks are  available. Members are asked if they witness speeding, reckless driving  to report it with date and time to SD as those involved in  campaigning for speed restrictions are building up a  portfolio of evidence to submit to highways. SD or PP to inform membership  (pos with renewal information)
Sub committees: RP and SD had submitted prior to mtg documents outlining  the way in which both Sub committees wish to operate. Accepted unanimously RP: informed that a set of criteria had been agreed with  regards the 2 free places for London Marathon. A Draw will  be announced in due course. AS to post on Document and  Policies section of website RP: to inform on result of London  Marathon draw.
AOB: A third-party application had been received for an ex  member to re-apply. As Committee cannot accept third  party applications the ex-member will be asked to apply  through either Membership Secretary or Club Secretary for  the full committee to consider.SD to inform in writing inviting  applicant to contact an officer.
Date of next meeting: 7th April – 7pm on Zoom
Meeting closed at 8.12 pm