Message from David Holding

Dear Lance,

Perhaps you will read this at your weekly meeting!  This is David Holding, former Colchester Joggers plodder whom you hopefully remember from the late 80s!…..1.30 half marathon plodder and triathlon dabbler. I remember fondly the time I spent with the Joggers before going off to Sussex university.

  • Things like Dave Wright losing any remaining credibility and pleading with Mike Gratton asking how he could get under three hours in the marathon.
  • Or Steve King run/walking the 1 mile race walk in the track championships setting a fine example to Dominic and Daniel before they took over!
  • Or Roy Moore sidling round the corner at Eastborne Rugby club, looking surprisingly OK, shouting “JOGGERS” in 23 hrs 50 something and just making the cutoff in the south downs 80.
  • Or me dropping out at Truleigh hill in the south downs 80 at 42 miles after 7 ½ hours filling in for someone else with 12 hour’s notice. Had I known that only Rambo and Nutty Newal were ahead of me, I might have griited my teeth and continued. Anyway, that did sow a seed for me to eventually return to the ultra scene.
  • Or overtaking you Lance in the 92 London Marathon at 20  miles and wondering of you might arrest me! You did NOT look happy

I have lived in the States since 97 and am now a Professor of crop biotechnology at the University of Nebraska. Running is still one of the most important things in my life and in aged 47, I am still churning out 1hr 30 halfs and did finally go run 2 hrs 55 in the marathon more than a decade ago before the family changed my running emphasis. My 12 year old daughter broke 2 hours this year in our local half…a proud moment. And this summer, I ran a 52 mile race at 5000-9000 feet in the Wyoming mountains. It was spectacularly beautiful and I am seriously into the long slow method. Very tough with the technicality, constant climbing and altitude and finished in 11 hrs 45 but inside the top 25%. Not bad for a flatlander competing with serious mountain goats

Other than to reminisce, the reason for making contact is to let you know that I plan to visit in early June next year in part, to run the Norfolk 100K which is a newish event and looks like a really good one through North Norfolk countryside and then along the coast path. It would be great to see a few green vests there as I know there are a few ultra nuts among you…Dave, can I tempt you? Here is the link. I am sure it’s already on the Harriers radar, but if not, please give it a plug. I have cced Kevin the race organizer whom I have had contact with.

I hope to see some of you there and if not, maybe I’ll swing by the arena for old time’s sake!

Best Wishes

David Holding