Lydia’s Endurance Group 5 Mile Challenge

In order to sustain a level of fitness and motivation in a time in which we are unable to run together, we all agreed to complete a challenge; a simple formula which involved running 5 miles each week over 4 weeks and recording the time. A bottle of wine was the incentive for the fastest boy and fastest girl.

22 of us took part and each week submitted our fastest time and there certainly were some quick times and great overall improvements in terms of speed and time.

Lou Yates at 38.02 and Arthur Whiston at 35.55 won, with the quickest time and are owed a bottle of wine each – well done and a fantastic achievement with these times over 5 miles.In addition, Tracy, Mark, Helen, Sue and Anita, also achieved very quick times and in terms of time and speed, improved significantly over the 4 weeks.

View Lydia’s 5 Mile Challenge results in pdf

It is without doubt that this group has shown in this challenge that they are gritty, tenacious and determined and all should be acknowledged for their commitment determination and motivation to run the best they can and in quick times as well.

Well done to all – what a great group of people, who, in such strange times, can work so collaboratively, yet in isolation; a strange irony indeed, but so welcome and heartwarming in these times. well done all.Next challenge to follow!