Stradling Sails Around Mersea

Having run consistently well for many years, Stradling once again shot to victory in the tough Round Mersea Island Race. This half marathon course includes beach and trail running, suiting Angus Holford who was runner up for the men. The green vests swept up the team prize thanks to Paul Rodgers 7th, Keith Marley 9th, and Richard Flutter 10th. Good runs also came from Craig Mitchell, David Hilson, Lee Holihan, Malcolm Statham, Arthur Whiston, Jenny Richardson and Fay Smalls.

The Mersea Half Ironman is tough enough without the hot weather coming into play. Becky Cooke did exceptionally well to be 4th lady, in an event with a 1.2  mile sea swim, 60 miles on the bike, and the round Mersea Half Marathon to finish.

The North downs 30km saw fine runs from Anita Mussett and Lucy Bannantyne.
The latest summer evening 5km races saw good results from Harriers. At Harwich Danny Millward was the fastest runner on the night clocking a comfortable 17 minutes, Tom Cresswell was 3rd fastest in 17-49, and Aiko Hennington was the fastest lady with 18-22. The Maldon Promenade 5km saw Aiko Hennington runner up in 18-25, while Danny Millward had another victory for the men in 16-44, Max Caulfield was 3rd; 17-20, and Dominic Niciejewski ran a Pb of 18-37.
Other finishers at Harwich were Paul Preston 18-04, Robbie Smith 18-14, Richard Boden 19-01, Simon Ford 19-15, Jerry Walder 19-26, Joe Boden 19-30, Andrea James 19-31, Laura Shewbridge 21-03, Ellie Cumner 21-03, Nicola Martell-Smith 22-23, Sharon Frost 22-35, and Helen Thurlow 24-01. Other Maldon Finishers were Richard Flutter 18-49, Helen Taczynki 20-11, Richard Millward 19-45, Heidi Steele 20-17, Simon Morgan 20-34, Denise Morley 20-37, David Wright 20-53, Chris Panto 20-57, Ian Rattray 20-58, Lee Holohan 21-13, Debbie Cattermole 21-42, Kate Gibson 22-09, Lee Caulfield 22-55, Jenny Richardson 23-14, Keiron Callaghan 24-05, Stephan Hohan 24-38, and Louise Yates 25-45.

The Park runs saw Gavin Scanlon 3rd at Colchester Castle in a Pb of 18-15, Jon Nears was 5th and Dominic Niciejewski 12th. Mersea Cudmore Grove saw a double victory for Harriers thanks to Richard Heath and Cheryl Appleby. While David Wright was 6th, setting a new over 60 record for the race. At Harwich seafront Wayne Cook was runner up in 18-19, with Simon Wilson 5th in 19-25. And at Clare Countrypark event Richard Flutter was runner up in 19-04, with Debbie Cattermole 2nd lady home in 21-52.

Sarah Stradling

Angus Holford

Becky Cooke