Ram wins the 2019 Colchester half marathon

Ramadan Osman raced to his second half marathon victory of the year in Sunday’s Colchester half marathon clocking 68m 45s to win by over a minute. Ram, who also won the race in March 2018, was nearly a minute quicker this year. He also improved his personal best, set when he won the Great Bentley half marathon in early February, by nine seconds.

Jason Gunn was 12th in 1h 15m 55s followed by Richard Heath who ran sub 80 minutes clocking 1h 18m 47s. Several Harriers finished in the next few minutes led by Robert Smith 1h 22m 57s, Keith Marley 1h 22m 59s (first over 50), Barry Frost 1h 24m 01s, Andrew Lovelock 1h 24m 29s, Jasper Zeeuw 1h 25m 21s, Mark Howard 1h 25m 29s, Rob Cronshaw 1h 25m 40s, Simon Ford 1h 26m 51s, Kevin Higgins 1h 27m 28s, Charlie Holohan (PB) 1h 29m 10s, Chris Manby 1h 29m 15s and our first lady to finish, Helen Taczynski 1h 29m 48s (PB) who was third lady in the over 35 age group.

The green vests continued to pour with Jay Waite clocking 1h 30m 20s followed by Laura Shewbridge 1h 31m 54s, Adam Gerrish 1h 32m 26s, Malcolm Statham 1h 33m 05s, Andrew Taczynski 1h 34m 02s, Paul Barritt 1h 34m 12s. Ian Rattray 1h 35m 10s, Simon Miller 1h 36h 25s, Graham Langford 1h 37m 20s, Dan Wilkinson 1h 37m 24s, Simon Wilson 1-38-06, Ella Neale 1h 39m 12s, Jeremy Cox 1h 39m 45s, Annette Oakamn 1h 41m 18s, Daniel Cook 1h 41m 50s, Arthur Whiston 1h 42m 09s (first over 60), Kate Sandercock 1h 42m 23s, Samantha Hart 1h 42m 54s, Dan Beard 1h 47m 20s, Micheal Burrows 1h 47m 58s, Lucy Bannantyne 1h 48m 25s, Mark Wigley 1h 49m 21s, Oliver Saunders 1h 54m 05s, Helen Thurlow 1h 54m 53s, Kate Gibson 1h 56m 15s, Simon Fenning 2h 00m 39s, George Fenning 2h 04m 30s, Katrina Vicentijev 2h 04m 32s and Brian Smith 2h 11m 29s

King of the road!

Dan Beard

Dan Wilkinson and Simon Miller

Richard Heath, another sub 80 min runner

Rob Cronshaw clocks 85m 40s

Adam Gerrish

Angus Holford finishes in the top 10

Arthur Whiston was first male over 60.

Ella Neale cracks 1h 40m for her first half marathon

Annette Oakman and Kate Sandercock.... Happy half marathoners?

Jason Gunn chasing the first lady.

Veterans Chris Manby and Lee Holohan both finish in under 90 minutes,

Robert Smith runs sub 83 minutes for a new PB