Park Run win for Millward

Millward wins on 100th Park run

It was a double celebration for 13 year old Danny Millward at the latest Colchester Castle Park 5km. Talented  Millward  completed his 100th Park run and also amazingly won the race with a host of senior athletes behind him in the field of 215.

Millward accelerated on the last lap to pass Andrew Lovelock 2nd 18-59, Max Caulfield 3rd 19-14, and David Wright 4th 19-15 , to come home the victory in 18-43. The weather was extremely windy so times were well down.

Joseph Boden was 6th 20-28, Richard Millward 14th 20-42, and Arthur Whiston 22nd 21-23. Also running were Fiona Wattam 23-37, Fran Norris 24-14, Sophie Stephenson 26-15, Liz Cudmore 27-02, and Daryn Azarmi 28-59.