Please find below a brief description of the main duties involved in the Officer/Committee positions.

Chair/Vice Chair
The Chairperson of the Club is seen to be the figurehead, ambassador and the principal officer for the Club.
To administer the Management Committee and ensure liaison and co-operation between Club, Officers, Sub-Committees etc to ensure the smooth administration of the Club.
The Chairperson (or in his/her absence the Vice Chairperson) will chair and lead meetings within the club.
Management Committee meetings, Full Committee Meetings, Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings
To attend Sub-Committee Meetings where appropriate i.e. when matters of Club policy are being discussed.
To be responsible for key decision making and leadership within the club, in consultation with other members of the Management Committee.
To be involved, where appropriate, in the co-ordination of club activities.
To manage and oversee the work of officers and other club personnel
To represent/delegate representation by others at external meetings i.e. track users meetings, various league meetings etc, when required.
To prepare in association with the Club Secretary and Club Treasurer reports for the Annual General Meeting.
To determine the content and agenda for Club meetings, in association with the Club Secretary.
To advise the Club Treasurer on the use of club funds.
Ensure all Management Committee/Committee/Sub-Committee positions are filled
Ensure the following events are considered/delegated:-
Track and Field, Cross Country and Road Races hosted by the Club
Annual Club Awards evenings
Social events organised by the Club
To deal with/delegate, in a timely manner, all issue that are raised by members, Management Committee members, Committee members, Sub-Committee members, County/Regional/National Governing Bodies etc.

Enthusiastic with a good knowledge of the club and its financial position
A knowledge and understanding of athletics (Track and Field, Cross Country, Road Running).
Leadership and management skills
Able to represent the club at external meetings
Confident in public speaking
Able to control meetings, follow meeting agendas and ensure everyone has the opportunity to present their views
Well-informed about meeting Agendas and the items to be covered
Ability to ensure that all business at meetings is completed and that all decisions are understood and recorded
A good communicator, who is approachable, clear and concise

Club Secretary
The primary role of the Club Secretary is to provide administrative support to the Chairperson. Much of the hands-on administrative effort may be delegated to other club officers and volunteers, but responsibility for ensuring the overall, well run club administration lies with the Club Secretary. 
Organising meetings
Plan club meetings with the chairperson and agree an agenda with all club officers
Circulate details of meetings (time, location, agenda etc.) to appropriate parties
Take minutes and circulate to meeting attendees
Follow-up with relevant parties on key actions arising from meetings
Ensure meetings adhere to rules and procedures of the club constitution (e.g. quorums and election procedures)
Club Correspondence & Communication
Initiating and responding to all club correspondence (dealing with queries, official County, Regional and National governing body correspondence etc.)
Filing all club correspondence (incoming & outgoing)
Adhere to UK Athletics/England Athletics rules on communication (e.g. timing of response to written communications)
Compile report on club activities for the Annual General Meeting 
General Administration
Registration and team affiliation etc (in conjunction with the Membership
Secretary/Team Managers where appropriate)
Maintain an accurate record of contact details for members, officers and third parties
Handling club related paperwork (e.g. accident reports, safeguarding issues etc)
Maintain club documents such as the club constitution, job descriptions, club policies etc
Assist the Chairperson/Vice Chairperson in strategic planning of ongoing club development
The Club Secretary undertakes/coordinates a wide variety of tasks and as such should have excellent organisational skills. A high standard of verbal and written communications are also important as is the knowledge of running effective meetings. The role of Club Secretary requires dedication and a detailed knowledge of applying and adhering to the rules and
policies of the club and those of the UK Athletics and England Athletics. 

The role of Club Secretary is a high profile role and has a major influence on the overall efficiency and organisation of the club and co-ordinating different volunteering roles i.e. coaches, officials etc.

As member of club Executive Committee, attend committee meetings and input into decisions especially those with cash flow implications
Accurately record all bank transactions
Maintain club bank accounts, Paypal accounts and Freeagent software, ensuring that compliance requirements are met
Update committee on cash flow status
Provide analysis of income and expenditure at AGM

Membership Secretary
As member of club Executive Committee, attend committee meetings and input into decisions, especially regarding membership numbers/fees
Maintain membership database, including mailing lists manually as required
Maintain EA Club Affiliation database
Provide member details to relative coaches as requested
Post to Facebook and email membership renewals as required, and notices relating to training fees as appropriate.
Provide details to coaches as to details of contributions received from which of their athletes, and where necessary contact athletes/parents that are not paying sufficient fees.
Personally email and text members, when necessary when no response has been received from general club emails, prior to membership being terminated.
With assistance of Treasurer, correlate payments to renewals/orders
Correspond with England Athletics as required for club/athlete benefit
Register with London Marathon to gain annual Club Marathon places when available

Welfare Officer
To support the Club in building a culture where members feel welcome, safe, included and supported.
To be visible within the club by regularly attending club sessions so that all members, including coaches, volunteers, and parents have the opportunity to meet with, feel at ease and know how to make contact should they require any guidance and/or wish to raise a concern.
To have a clear understanding of the UKA Safeguarding policies for Adults and Children and the England Athletics guidance on how to establish if a concern meets the threshold for being reported.
To ensure there is a Club Welfare Process for managing concerns that embeds the above policies within the club, along with local contacts and to use this process for managing all Welfare concerns.
To report any concerns of abuse to the UKA Lead Safeguarding officer, or in urgent cases requiring immediate support, to the Police or Social Services.
To work with the membership secretary to keep an up to date record, ensuring all appropriate volunteers within the club (including Coaches and Officials) are appropriately licenced and hold an up to date DBS check.
To support with the Safe recruitment of club personnel.
To act as a verifier for the DBS check application process for Coaches and Volunteers within the club if there is no other named verifier.
To complete the England Athletics online Safeguarding in Athletics training and the 3 hour face to face Time 2 Listen course or a suitable alternative every 3 years To support the committee in reviewing club policies and procedures relating to welfare ensuring the safety of members is at the centre of these procedures. (At least one Welfare Officer should be a
member of the committee.)

Track & Field Sub-Committee Chair
Formulate sub-committee representation from Parent, athlete, official and coaches, Chair sub- committee mtgs ( every 8 weeks)
Ensure relevant minutes are taken as a true record of the meeting and posted on website
Ensure items / services/courses purchased are within specified budget and adhere to any H & S requirements – are what is really required for club / athlete development
Liaise with committee member reps for EYAL, SAL and Masters re league meets, oversee event organisers for home meets
Liaise with designated Welfare / Safeguarding rep and use due diligence and appropriate regulations when reporting any issues
Assist Exec Committee with setting agreed Track rules and etiquette as outlined by bench-mark within industry and advice of any changes etc report any accidents and near misses to club secretary
Stay up to date with EA guidelines relating to T & F events particularly H & S through contact with coaches, EA website, news and webinars/ courses. Relay any information deemed necessary to Exec Committee.
Work with officers of club in line with Club development plans including coach, official and athlete recruitment/ development
Attend Main committee meetings as representative for T & F sub-committee

Endurance Sub-Committee Chair

Covid Officer

Website Management