Club memberships are now due, so please find below details that the committee have agreed for this renewal, and some basic details regarding the process.

Renewal Date
Membership and EA renewals are due by 1st April 2021.
Note, membership is not currently available to previous members that chose not to renew for the current season. These individuals will need to wait until places become available in the future.

Renewal Length
The club membership renewal will cover athletes to 30th September 2021.
For Coach’s, Officials, and Social members, this renewal will cover to 31st March 2022.
England Athletics (EA) Affiliation Renewals are mentioned further down.

Renewal Fees
It has been decided that the fees for athletes will again be reduced for the current period, the rates are….
Adult Member – £10 * (instead of £20) till 30th September 2021
Junior/Post 16 Student – £5 * (instead of £11.75) till 30th September 2021
Social Member – £12 till 31st March 2022
Active Coach/Official – £0 till 31st March 2022 (renewal still needs processing in the system)
* Note: In order to compete athletes will also need EA Affiliation, see below.

Life Members
These members do not need to select any of the above options. They will still need EA Affiliation should they wish to compete.

EA Affiliation
EA Affiliation is £15 for the 21/22 season, and will last until 31st March 2022. EA does not offer discounts nor pro-rata on their affiliation fee. This affiliation allows you to compete as a Colchester Harrier in actual or virtual events, provided you have an accompanying club membership. You only need renew EA Affiliation once per season.
We send the EA Affiliation payments off to EA in batches, the first batch being on 1st April 2021 (it can not be sent prior to this date). After the first batch, we then send off a batch every two weeks for the following two months, and then only once a month from June onwards.

Processing your renewal
Depending on when you renewed/joined earlier this season, you may simply be able to log in to your WebCollect membership account and select “Manage/Renew my subscriptions” from that page, provided that the option is still suitable. For example not if you were a Junior, but are now an Adult. However, if the renew option is not available to you, then follow these simple steps.
1. Login to your account
2. In My Subscriptions area, click on “View Membership Options”
Select the correct membership for you (or your child(ren) and “Add to Basket”
3. Repeat the “Add to Basket” if you need to purchase more than one membership
4. Also, “Add to Basket” the EA Affiliation in order to become/remain affiliated
5. Click on the Checkout button
6. If you have multiple members or memberships, you will need to use the pull-down boxes to allocate the correct individual to the relevant membership, if just one membership, then this will not appear.
7. Click on the “Proceed” button, and complete the form that displays, most of the form may be pre-populated with information from any current membership, and so will just need checking to see if still current, or updating. When finished, at the bottom click “Save”.
8. Select your payment method, and click “Place Order”, and you should receive a confirmation email, within 2 minutes, alert us if you do not.
9. Make the relative payment, either via BACS, or send a cheque asap.
10. When payment has been received your order will be completed.
11. You will then receive an order complete email the next business day. If you have not received this within three days of making/sending payment then please email us.

Previous Overpayments
A few members, which we have already contacted last year, have a credit balance due to renewing prior to the membership discount being applied last year. These members will be contacted separately, as well as receiving the renewal email. These members need not renew until receiving our separate email, in order to proceed further.

Terminating your club membership
If you do not wish to renew, then simply email us, and we shall be sure that you do not receive any further renewal contacts.

If you have any questions relating to your (or your children’s) membership or coaching, then please contact us via this Contact Form link, and select the relevant enquiry.

Training Fees
For at least the next three months, whilst we are still observing the effects of the pandemic and restrictions on the club and it’s members, we will continue with the voluntary Training Fees as we have done since July 2020.
So if you feel you wish to contribute, then either login and add and complete a “Training Fees” order, or simply send a BACS payment/cheque for the amount that you wish, and we will create the order in the system for you. Simply state which athlete the contribution is for with the payment.
Training Fees along with Membership Fees pays the majority of costs for the club to operate, including Garrison for access to the track facilities, coaching and official courses for members, club affiliations to EA/SEAA, entry to leagues, and much more. So all contributions from members are welcome to assist trying to balance the finances at this difficult time.

Thank you for your time, and let’s hope that we can start moving forward again in the very near future, with the easing of restrictions aiding this.

Paul Preston
Membership Secretary

Tammy Belshaw
Assistant Membership Secretary