Jones does well in iconic race

Colchester Harriers were competing at many events over the last week, Pete Jones got the green vests off to a great start running in the iconic London to Brighton 100km, Jones clocked 13 hours 50 mins over the tough hilly course to finish 53rd out of 800 runners, it was a fine effort by Jones in his first 100km race

Experienced distance runner Allen Smalls took the notorious Stour Valley marathon held over the tough terrain of Suffolk in his stride finishing joint third in 3h 38m, with the winner the British 100km Champion who clocked 6h 44m this year over that distance taking first place in a record 2h 53m. Further fine runs came from a host of Harriers including Andy Jobling, James Waterson, Ged McMillan, Malcolm Statham, Jerry Walder, Lydia Cunningham, Doug O’Neill, Graham Langford and Anita Mussett. 

Aiko Hennington 31m 29s was 3rd lady and first Veteran over 40 at the Kirton 5. John Hennington continued his comeback with a good run in 34m 17s while others to run were Pete West 30m 35s, Gavin Scanlon 30m 20s, Matt Davey 31m 17s (Personal Best), Adam Gerrish 31m 29s, Dan Summergill 33m 19s and Kate Sandercock 36m 33s.

Harriers were clocking brilliant times at the midweek Harwich seafront 5km with 13 under 19 minutes. Aiko Hennington was the fastest lady and Tom Cresswell second fastest man. Times were Tom Cresswell 17m 21s, Robert Smith 17m 28s, Jon Nears 17m 32s, Colin Ridley 17m 53s, Paul Mingay 18m 01s, Paul Preston 18m 05s, Matt Davey 18m 20s, David Campbell 18m 20s, Gavin Laws 18m 28s, William Radley 18m 45s, Paul Dellar 18m 49s, Aiko Hennington 18m 49s, Richard Boden 18m 59s, Sergio Azon Belarre 19m 02s, Simon Ford 19m 21s, Andrew Taczynski 19m 44s, Sarah Stradling 19m 33s, Ella Neale 20m 05s, Denise Morley 20m 06s, John Hennington 20m 14s, Arthur Whiston 21m 25s, Helen Taczynski 21m 34s, Ellie Cumner 22m 07s and Helen Thurlow 23m 45s.

The Maldon Promenade 5km saw Heidi Steele sweep to victory in the ladies race with Doug McGillvray second quickest male. Times were 2. Doug McGillvary 16m 55s, 3. Jason Gunn 17m 04s, 8. Michael Smith 17m 59s, 9. Ged McMillan 18m 30s, 10. Alex Sales 18m 32s, 14. Daniel Summergill 19m 34s, 15. Chris Manby 19m 37s, 18. Heidi Steele 19m 48s, 19. Jay Waite 19m 52s, 20. Sean Duffett 19m 55s, 21. Lee Holohan 19m 56s, 22 Ian Rattray 20m 22s, 26. David Wright 20m 29s, 28. Simon Morgan 20m 34s, 31. Arthur Whiston 21m 09s, 31. Dan Wilkinson 21m 19s, 45. Fran Norris 23m 17s, 47. Gary Licence 23m 33s, 51. Stefan Hohan 24m 18s, 79. Rachel Richardson-Wright 29m 24s. In the junior race Finlay Smith ran 11m 19s.

The Hull Half Marathon saw Richard Flutter clock 1h 35m. Debbie Cattermole finished runner up in the over 50 age group in a time of 46m 20s
in the 10km event and was 186th overall in a field of over 2,000 runners.

Park Run Round up

Harriers had victories through Paul Dobson at Maldon and Sarah Stradling at Cudmore Grove, Mersea. Best results for Harriers runners were:

Felixstowe: 3. Wayne Cook 17m 56s,

Maldon: 1. Paul Dobson 18m 06s

Colchester Castle: 3. Jon Nears 18m 25s, 4. Fergus Crouch 18m 39s.

Colchester Highwoods: 2. Jason Gunn 18m 12s, 3. Rob Cronshaw 19m 06s, 7. Mark Penson 21m 22s, 8. Andy Raynor 21m 40s, 4. Kate Gibson 25m 31s.

Cudmore Grove, Mersea: 3. Adam Gerrish 19m 22s, 5. Russell Goodridge 19m 34s, 1. Sarah Stradling 20m 23s.

Chelmsford : Annette Oakman 21m 28s

Navan, Northern Ireland: Kieran Callaghan 23m 18s.

Pete Jones 53rd in London to Brighton

Debbie and Richard raced in the Hull 10k and half marathon races.