IMPORTANT message from the Club Chairman

At a recent track and field sub-committee meeting, subsequently backed up by the main committee, we have decided to revert to using the main track entrance; the one on Circular Road North.

There are several reasons for this change.

Firstly, it allows all athletes to meet under the cover of the canopies of the clubhouse and changing rooms. This allows athletes to leave their bags in a dry, reasonably secure area. It also allows our training registration process to be carried in a dry area.

Secondly, we feel that the footpath down to the side gate is not ideal, especially in the winter months where it is dark, and slippery. There are no lights which we also acknowledge causes concerns.

Thirdly, at the end of the sessions, we feel we need to ensure the safety of your offspring, in as much as we feel the car park area is an area of anti-social behaviour. It is not safe for our young athletes to wait in the car park for your arrival to pick them up.  Therefore we would like your child to remain inside the track to wait for your arrival, then to walk out to meet you.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

Rick Thompson, Chairman CHAC. 29th January 2023.