Members often ask, “Have I renewed?”, or “Am I affiliated?”. This page has been created to help answer those questions, in just two steps.

  1. Login at
  2. You will see a section as per the image below, this shows the expiry dates of your current subscriptions.
Note that any orders that have not been fully reconciled with the bank, will not show until this has happened.

Every member will have a current club membership, whether that is Adult/Post16/Junior/Coach/Official/Social/Life. If the date of this subscription has passed, then this individual is not currently a member.

A member will also have an England Athletics Affiliation to enable them to compete. Without a current affiliation the member is unable to compete. A current affiliation does not make an individual a club member without a current club membership subscription also.

If you or anyone you would expect to see listed here, is not listed, then they do not have a current club membership, or maybe there is a reason why it does not show, and you should contact Membership Secretary straight away.

Renewing your subscriptions
To renew subscriptions shown, you can click “Manage / Renew my subscriptions” as located on the image. If you need to add a different subscription, that is not shown in that section, select “Click here for Membership, Affiliation, Training, and Club Kit options” again as per the image. This will load the main options page where you can add any currently available subscriptions. Add any required to your basket, checkout, and submit your payment as necessary.

When payment for club membership has been received and processed, it is instantly renewed. If your payment is for (or includes) EA Affiliation, then this may take up to three weeks to fully complete the process and for EA to update their systems, so do not leave this until just before you expect to enter an event.

Here is some guidance on paying Training Fees, How to calculate and paying Training Fees.

We hope that this page may help you to keep a check on your club membership and EA Affiliation, but as usual if you have any membership/affiliation/Training Fees questions then please email us on [email protected]