(Details provided by Great Bentley Running Club)
We have been unable to secure the use of the Institute car park like previous years due to ongoing COVID
restrictions. There are two main parking options to access the race at Hilly Fields – Sheepen Road or Sussex Road.
Sheepen Road is the closest.

Please can we ask that as many as possible car share as this will help to ease congestion in the area and ensures that everyone gets parked up conveniently

Post code Sheepen Road CO3 3LL
There is road side parking permitted on Sunday’s on Sheepen Road. We will have marshals in place to guide vehicles. Please follow their instructions and park carefully so that we can get as many cars parked up at no cost. We can only park along one side of the road to avoid causing road blockages.
Once all the road side parking is filled up, there is Sheepen Road car park. This costs £2.20. Details as to how to pay are below.
Sheepen Road Car Park
Pay with the MiPermit app
You can download the MiPermit app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
The location number for Sheepen Road car park is 737824.
You can pay for parking with coins. The machines do not accept notes.
Send an SMS (text) message or call to pay
If you are paying through SMS message, text the word ‘PARK’ followed by your registration number and the duration
of your stay to 61600. For example: ‘PARK T123EST 30mins’ or ‘PARK T123EST 2hrs’.
Alternatively, call 0345 520 7007 from your mobile. Calls cost the standard rate as set by your mobile provider.

There is also roadside parking available off Lexden Road. Depending where you stop this will mean a 10 to 15
minute walk. Hilly Fields can be accessed from Sussex Road but please do not try to park there. Spaces are
extremely limited and it is difficult to turn around to get out. Please also park considerately and ensure that all
driveways are left clear and that traffic is not impeded. We have checked and all of the marked spaces have no
restrictions on Sundays.
Park Road CO3 3UL
Queens Road CO3 3NY
The Avenue CO3 3PA
West Lodge Road CO3 3NL
Victoria Road CO3 3NT
Creffield Road CO3 3JA
Oxford Road CO3 3HN
Sussex Road CO3 3QJ.

There is also parking at St Marys multi storey car park. CO3 3AA . This is about half a mile from Hilly Fields. It is
the most expensive option and costs over £4 per vehicle. We are concerned that the entrance to this could become
congested with Xmas shoppers! Parking is by way of coins or MiPERMIT App. There will be signage to guide
participants down to Hilly Fields. Walk along the front of the building to Popes Lane. Follow the markers down to the
Click for map of the area –,0.881406,16z

Toilets are available at St Helena School which is opposite the Sheepen Road entrance to Hilly Fields, please note
we do not have full access to the school so ideally changing to be done outside by cars or on the main field.
Unless anything changes with COVID restrictions, we will be offering refreshments near the toilets under the covered
canopy in the school. We do not have access to the school hall due to COVID restrictions again. Tea/coffee/hot
squash and of course cake (it is Bentley……) will be available free of charge but we will be taking donations for
charity so remember to bring any pennies you have lying around. Those who regularly run XC may remember that one of our members who loved XC tragically died just before our last XC race 2 years and we will pass any donations
onto his children to give to a charity of their choice. If possible please bring a mug with you to save a tiny bit of the planet.