By Rob Earle

In ideal conditions, the Harriers throws group held the first of two development meetings during August on Thursday 8th. These are an excellent opportunity for athletes and officials to display and develop their skills. Without the burden of travel and drawn out programmes.

Making the most of this, with new club records were Wyatt Larkins and Olivia Simon who returned figures of 39.06m and 31.77m respectively. The latter breaking the long standing Under 15 girls 4k record. With Wyatt now moving to the top of the British rankings for the under 13’s in 2019. Not to be outdone Josephine Larkins produced a lifetime best of 49.13m and moves ever closer to her 50 metre plus target, and a place in the UK top 10. To make up the family affair sister Megan produced a solid 54m effort and, in addition, mum and coach Denise improved her pb to 23.42m.

In the Senior Men’s comp’ the revitalised James Hamblin finally updated his senior club record with a fine 60.98m, when finishing second to Scottish International and recent national bronze medallist Joe Bloomfield. James now has a clear picture of what he needs to do to achieve the distances he is capable of. And will now make inroads into the top 10 in the country over the next two years.

To complete the line up Maxine Simon led an efficient, and well drilled team to officiate the competitions.

Moving forward, Harriers heavy throws group now have the benefit of qualified officials, two Coaches, two Coaching Assistants and two Athletics Leaders, to offer peer support to ensure athletic development. In addition, they also have the support, through mentoring, of former International and top end coach Amir Williamson.

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