Track rules for all users

 Lanes 1 & 2 – Endurance (including faster and longer speed endurance sessions 400/800m runners)
Lane 3 – Buffer lane
Lanes 4-7 sprints (including sprint drills)
Lane 8 – spare

Walk back recoveries must be done off the track or lane 8 if free.
Straight after reps, step off the track to continue the recovery period.
Athletes never walk across the in field at any time to get from one side to the other

Be aware at all times when on the track or just crossing over. Use common sense at all times

We have young children that use the track at present the same time as the adults Everyone needs to be respectful of this and refrain from spitting on the track or male athletes running bare chested during training sessions.

Respect other coaches and other athletes at all times.