Notice of CHAC AGM

Thursday 25 November 7.30pm

Pegasus Club House

A quorum of at least 25 fully paid up members aged over 14 (Parents are encouraged to attend with their athletes) are required to attend the AGM where the new Management Committee will be elected. A notice has been displayed in the club house since Thursday 21 October, which includes a sign up sheet for nominations of Officers / Chairs of Sub Committees.

Motions for the AGM must be received by the Secretary in writing at least 14 days
prior to the meeting (11 November). The motion must be proposed and seconded and the proposer
and seconder should be at the meeting.

One Response to “Notice of CHAC AGM”

  1. Simon Morgan

    I have a motion but since you only posted this 9 days before the meeting and no-one goes into the clubhouse (which is what my motion is about) I don’t think you have actually given proper notice, and my motion will still be considered.

    I will attach the motion to your reply should you agree to accept it.

    Kind regards

    Simon Morgan
    CIRF Endurance Group 3

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