Minutes of Track and Field Committee 26 November 2019


Present : Maxine Simon, Sally Dobson, Sam Hart, Rebecca Jeggo, David Smith, Jenny Palmer

Sally Dobson – EYAL AGM Summary

  • Affiliation fees due £50.00 DS to pass to Keith Marley for payment
  • SD agreed to CHAC hosting a home meeting Sunday May 3rd DS confirmed date provisionally booked with Sodexo
  • SD asked Rebecca and Jenny for help from the BTEC students taking sports coaching qualifications to set up the hurdles 10.00-12.30.
  • Agreed at EYAL meeting to a maximum of  5 x N/S competitors from each club in 100m 200m and sprint hurdles races.
  • Host can be asked by visiting clubs to hold non-scoring races at 11am ( ie prior to a meet) in sprints & hurdles.The host club are not obliged to agree
  • The meeting also agreed that no Under 16 field officials to be used in the field for Hammer, Discus and Javelin (they can stay in the sector)?
  • The AGM rejected a proposal for additional U17 300 and 400m Hurdle races
  • Clubs bringing large numbers of N/S athletes must also bring more officials including a Starters Assistant to ensure smooth running of time-table. Stiffer penalties will be employed against teams who cannot adhere to this.
  • New amended guidelines will be circulated to clubs in due course

Sam Hart – SAL

Home fixture booked – Sunday 17th May 2020

Sam wasn’t aware that organising a home meeting would fall on her and the men’s team manager to organise, Max, Dave & Sally said they would help.

A men’s Team Manager is still required – a call out through members was suggested.

Starter & marksmen already organised – Colin Stiff contacted and agreed to meeting.

SD said she had a list of potential starters for EYAL , but would contact Colin Still first as he has already agreed to SAL and suggested as we have 2 home meets to encourage a cross club working party to be formed to manage both matches – including contacting coach companies with a  view to 8 possible away fixtures.

 Discussion ensued with Max agreeing to organise officials for the EYAL (Rick , Gil, Dave, Diane, Chris, etc)

DS agreed to speak with Bev re ensuring hurdles are fit for purpose

DS to contact John Saunders re results admin for both meetings.

Sally raised that John Sanders had mentioned previously to her that maybe during the track refurbishment that the track be set up for electronic timing –and asked if there was any further development of this.  DS to take up with the Garrison management committee.


SD raised as to what dates does the T&F run from and too, DS to check with Keith & Lance.

Awaiting final costings of successful Junior Awards


SD confirmed that she was now holding the new pole for pole vault

The club has now joined Essex Network annual membership fee £25.00, this gives the clubs coaches & athletes the opportunity of attending the various workshops that are planned  for the coming months.

Track Gate Fees

DS went through the proposal for changes to the current system of collecting money on the gate.

  • Gate fee for infrequent users to still be collected as cash @ £2.00
  • Purchase of a card with 10 visits these to be marked off by either a person on the gate or the coach.
  • Then using the clubs web-collect system members can pay for 3,6,12 months enjoying a discount.

MS felt this might be hard to administer and preferred a simple everyone pays monthly, she would be quite happy to sit in the club house and administer who had lapsed payments to send out reminders.

Rebecca Jeggo asked about periods where an athlete might be injured.

SD suggested that a suspension similar to that employed by gyms could be applied.

SD suggested increasing the cost of gate fees for non-competitors / Non members  

MS mentioned that we had agreed last  year,  that an athletes membership needs to be confirmed by a coach in April. DS & SD agreed that this was what we had intended.

Accident Report

SD still waiting for report from Evie Hood after having an accident whilst entering the ground.

Also mentioned the car park lights still aren’t working. DS to speak to Sodexo

Waiting List

Various conversations regarding the waiting list MS reason for not continuing with the waiting list is predominately due to poor communication and lack of autonomy rather than time constraints DS said he was happy to take over (on Holiday until 17 December) . SD suggested all coaches need to agree to one procedure managed through DS.

(1 Dec 19,  MS suggested this is an agenda item for next mtg SD has asked T & F  coaches for suitable dates for a mtg but little response so far )

Junior Waiting List now open due to large number of members who do not make use of their place in a squad on a regular basis leaving some coaches with very few athletes to coach.

SD – mentioned that a full  T & F coaching meeting is long over due  DS agreed.

SH asked re coaches for away fixtures MS suggested Sam contacts Kings with dates ASAP, confirmed with Sam she was ok to organise.