The Colchester Harriers Facebook group is a closed group for the use of Club members and parents/guardians of younger members.

Group Membership

Group membership is restricted to the following people

  • Current club members
  • Parents/guardians of younger members

The Club page is closed and secret in Facebook terms. Once you are a paid up member or parent / guardian of a younger member you can request to be added to the Group.

When joining the group you will be asked for a code number from this policy. The code number is CHAC1982

Posting to the group

Please use common sense and consider the potential audience of this group. This group should be about sharing information and experiences relating to Colchester Harriers

Please avoid the following

  • Offensive or inappropriate language or images
  • Advertising of products or services not previously sanctioned by the club
  • Airing grievances about other members, the club or other posts on the page (please see reporting an issue below)

If the group administrators feel that a post breaks any rules the following actions may be taken

  • For most posts the user will be asked to remove the post themselves.
  • If this request is ignored, or in extreme cases (e.g. deeply offensive) the post will be removed by an administrator.
  • Repeat offenders will be removed from the group

Reporting an issue

If you feel a post breaks any of the guidelines above please do not respond directly through a post to the group, but instead use one or more of the following options

  • Send a private message to one or more of the group administrators
  • Use the contact us form on the Colchester Harriers website
  • Email one or more committee members using the contact details on the Colchester Harriers website

All the contact information and the contact us form can be found at